Help Wanted: The Relay Task List

  In 2018, we decided to change our structure to allow as many people from the Relay community to be involved in the tasks needed to put on the event. We eliminated titles and roles, and broke it down to a collection of tasks. By opening up the process to these tasks, we allow multiple... Continue Reading →


2018 Event Leadership Team

Another major change that we will try for 2018 will focus on how we plan, organize, manage, and run our total event experience. We have spent many months evaluating our strategy for what the next generation of  Relay For Life of Second Life should look like. Now that we have that plan in place, it... Continue Reading →

Fundraising Guidelines

After reviewing the fundraising guidelines, we concluded that they have become more of an obstacle than an asset in creating the environment that our Relay teams need to be successful. Therefore, we have simplified the guidelines to align with our core values. The goal of the guidelines is to establish trust and flexibility for those... Continue Reading →

2018 Campsite Information

The Relay For Life of Second Life is a life-changing event. No event in Second Life matches that experience 1:1. The experience is the beauty and interactivity of the regions, combined with the emotional support of the community. In 2018, we want to make the best use of our volunteers' time and the regions through... Continue Reading →

2018 Fundraising Club Levels

The Fundraising Club is designed to motivate teams to set goals and to reward you along your way to fundraising success. We want the fundraising club to be something that all teams can be a part of and celebrate with each other. This is a club that everyone has the ability to enter, and teams... Continue Reading →

Fundraising Tools

One of the first changes to our RFL of SL model is to eliminate the need for constantly refreshing and poofing tools, based on the season and offseason. We are not asking teams to fundraise in the offseason, however, we recognize that some volunteers wish to support Relay year-round. Those supporters deserve a fundraising tool... Continue Reading →

Our Core Values

There are certain moments in your life when you realize that you have to change something about yourself if you're going to continue to be the best version of yourself. For RFL of SL, this is one of those moments. Our event has a rich history that combines tradition with a desire to adapt.  The... Continue Reading →

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