2018 Fundraising Club Levels

Fundraising ClubThe Fundraising Club is designed to motivate teams to set goals and to reward you along your way to fundraising success. We want the fundraising club to be something that all teams can be a part of and celebrate with each other.

This is a club that everyone has the ability to enter, and teams can be proud of each other’s accomplishments as you climb the ranks to reach your full potential. The levels are set so that they are challenging, yet achievable.

The Fundraising Club Awards are based on team totals for In-world + dashboard funds raised.   The Fundraising Club Award is updated throughout the season, and teams are recognized at the Relay For Life event, based on the level achieved to that point.  Teams have the ability to increase their fundraising totals between the Relay event and the Wrap-Up celebration, when club levels are considered final. 

Teams are encouraged to display their Club Awards from previous Relay seasons at your fundraising events and at your campsite on Event Day.

The 2018 Fundraising Club levels are reached at the following milestones:

Bronze: L$12,500 ( $50 usd)
Silver: L$50,000 ($200 usd)
Gold: L$125,000 ($500 usd)
Platinum: L$250,000 ($1,000 usd)
Jade: L$375,000 ($1,500 usd)
Sapphire: L$500,000 ($2,000 usd)
Emerald: L$625,000 ($2,500 usd)
Ruby: L$750,000 ($3,000 usd)
Purple: L$1,250,000 ($5,000 usd)

**Hope Club: All registered participants who reach $100 USD become members of the Hope Club, and are eligible to receive a commemorative event T-Shirt.**


(There is no relationship between the Fundraising Club and campsite eligibility)


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