2018 Event Leadership Team

Another major change that we will try for 2018 will focus on how we plan, organize, manage, and run our total event experience. We have spent many months evaluating our strategy for what the next generation of  Relay For Life of Second Life should look like. Now that we have that plan in place, it is time to put together a structure that will help ensure that the vision can be achieved.

After several brainstorming sessions, I’ve really come to like this new approach to leadership for our event at this time. We are fortunate to have the total support of past and current Relay leaders, and I feel like the structure plays to each of their unique strengths. These four women have a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience, success, and passion…that is necessary to execute Relay For Life.

2018 RFL of SL Event Leadership TeamOur goal is to give as much ownership of the Relay For Life of Second Life to the participants, which is why this Event Leadership Team is designed to manage the task list and timelines with a guiding hand and a personal touch. There will not be Area Leads, Co-Chairs, or traditional “committee roles” because the list of tasks under each of the major categories will be open to volunteers from across the entire event.

If you become responsible for executing one of those tasks, you will work with the appropriate Event Leadership Team member to fulfill your creative vision for how that task should be completed, while aligning with the overall cohesive vision of the rest of the event, and on time! These four ladies are excited about this opportunity to find the next generation of Relay leaders, teach them what they know, and hold our core values close to heart. I will work closely with the Event Leadership Team throughout the year to provide support and guidance from the American Cancer Society, as well.

Nuala Maracas will serve as the ‘Chair’ position of the Event Leadership Team. The chair position is primarily responsible for growing Relay For Life in Second Life. This includes a focus on fundraising, recruiting new teams, partners, sponsors, communities, groups, organizations, etc. This position is also focused on managing the new RFL fundraising events calendar, which will be used to promote team fundraising events throughout the season.

MamaP (Beerbaum) Alter will serve to Connect the People. This position is primarily responsible for communication, personal interaction, conversation, customer service, and making sure that Relay participants have the tools and resources that they need to feel connected, be successful, and work together as one Relay together.

Random (Padar) Darrow will focus on Building the Experience. This position is responsible for tasks associated with bringing our imagination to life as the theme manifests itself on the grid to represent the theme and the community in which we all love to Relay!

Nikki Mathieson will focus on Producing the Show, which includes the ceremonies and the activities that go on for Kickoff, Relay Weekend, and Wrap-Up. This includes the activity and entertainment schedule for Relay weekend.

If you’re interested in volunteering to fulfill one of the tasks, stay tuned! That big list is coming soon!!!


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